World-class quality within your budget: Recording a quality album doesn’t have to break your budget. Drowsy Maggie offers an innovative, artist-friendly pricing structure that allows the client to budget for a low, fixed price per song that integrates performance, studio time, engineering, and production costs.


ceorchRecording, Mixing and Mastering: Our studio is equipped with the very best in mics, preamps, converters, etc. We have made many records top to bottom right here at Drowsy Maggie, and we also have access to any of Nashville's larger studios (such as Oceanway, pictured right) should the need arise.

Visit our samples page to hear works that were recorded, mixed, and mastered by John in our studio.

Studio Musicians & Contracting: Since John & Conni have both been working in Nashville for many years as session musicians, arrangers, and artists, they have developed long-standing relationships with all of the great musicians that this town has to offer, and can book them for your recording.

Arranging and Orchestration: Conni and John both have extensive experience in arranging and orchestration (see credits page). You can visit the samples page to hear their arranging work.

Graphic Arts / Layout: We offer photographic, graphic art and CD layout services for artists who wish to be hands-on in the creation of their album design. We also deliver the artwork (along with the master) to the plant for manufacturing, and oversee the process to ensure quality control.

jmwhistleMusic Production: The word "producing" has taken on a variety of hazy meanings over the years, so let us state what producing means to us...

... Producing is working with the artist in all areas of the music-making process in order to help them realize their vision for the record.

Producing a record from start to finish would usually incorporate many (if not all) of the services listed above.